Can we bring beer on the boat?

Yes, there is no open container law on the water. If you bring a cooler, make sure you can bring it in wherever your destination is since we have multiple groups on our boats. If you are doing a multiple hour charter, you are welcome to keep your cooler on the boat.

How late do you run?

We run until after the bars close, usually around 2am since bars do last call around 1:15am. On Sundays they close at midnight so we’ll run until around 12:30am.

How do you charge?

We charge a flat fee per person plus the mileage charge. The mileage charge is for the whole group, not for each person.

Can we smoke on the boat?

No smoking is allowed on our boats, but we’ll get you to a dock ASAP!

How do we get a ride?

The easiest way is to send a text with the number of people in your group, pickup address, and destination address or bar/condo name. You can also call for a ride. Dispatch will confirm your pickup with a time and cost estimate, but please be a little flexible with time. Some groups take longer to load and unload than others. Also, we charge by the actual miles driven by the boat so the estimate is not exact but should be pretty close.

Do we schedule a time or just text/call when we are ready?

Usually just texting or calling when you want a ride is easiest. The pickup time will depend on our current trips, but we can put you down for an approximate time if you prefer. Depending on how busy we are, your group size and location, we can usually be there within 30 minutes or less. At the end of the night it’s usually a good idea to come out before the bar closes since that’s when everyone wants a ride.

What part of the lake do you serve?

We serve from Bagnell Dam to the 14 mile marker and the Gravois Arm. This includes Lake Ozark, Gravois Mills, parts of Sunrise Beach, Eldon, Rocky Mount, and Village of Four Seasons. Our service area for taxi rides does not include Camdenton, Linn Creek, and Laurie. We do weekday charter rides in Osage Beach up to the 26 mile marker, but not dock to dock service past the 14 mile marker.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we take all major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Android Pay. There is an additional $10 charge to run multiple cards.

Is your business insured and do your drivers have training?

Our boats and captains are all covered by commercial boating insurance. We have some of the most experienced captains on the lake, having driven thousands of miles on the water in the last 4 years at night and during the day. All of them have had to pass extensive written tests, have a large amount of previous boating experience, background checks, first aid and CPR training, drug tests, etc. in order to become a US Coast Guard licensed captain. We also do ongoing training on rescue and docking methods as well as ways to make the loading and unloading process as safe as possible.

Are your boats wheelchair accessible?

No, but eventually if we have a boat custom built we will try to include this feature.

What are your holiday hours and rates?

Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends we will be open our normal hours but a little later those Sundays, closing at 2am. On 4th of July weekend we will be open normal hours Thursday, June 29th to Sunday July 2nd, but will also be open 11am-2am on Monday, July 3rd and Tuesday July 4th. Holiday rates are normal per person charge plus $15/mile.