Upgrades For 2017

Upgrades For 2017

Lots of exciting things going on this year as we get ready to open for our 5th season! We got a new boat, new website, extended hours, great crew coming back, new payment system, and a lot of bar updates!…

New Boat

First off and the biggest update is we sold our old wooden 12 passenger boat after last season ended and got a 13 passenger 2006 CWS Ocean Pro 31’. This thing is a beast and charges through the waves with no problem, and it’s twice as fast as our old 12 passenger which will reduce any wait times for the larger groups. The Ocean Pro has a diesel engine which is much safer and more fuel efficient than our old boat. The wooden 1980 Olsen 28’ was sold to Prince Charters in Huntington Beach, CA and they’ve totally refurbished it after it got beat around here at the lake. It’s a beautiful boat, but just not exactly what we need for what we do and for Lake of the Ozarks. We picked up our new 13 passenger boat “First Class” from a parasail company in Grafton, IL after the owner retired. Having the same U.S. Coast Guard inspectors here at the lake as in Grafton, it made the transition to the different waterway smooth. We won’t be doing any parasailing, but this style boat is perfect for Lake of the Ozarks to safely and quickly get people from place to place. All the seating is up front, so it’s easy for the captain to keep an eye on passengers and it doesn’t have the windows of our old boat that sometimes gave us glares in the cabin at night. We still have our two 6 passenger boats and will be looking to pick up another larger parasail style boat for next season. Also, this is the 5th wrap we’ve had Vinyl Images out of Fenton, MO do and it looks awesome as usual! This one is actually a reflective vinyl wrap so should pop a lot more at night than the other two boats.

13 Passenger Boat

New Website

As you may have noticed we had our website totally redesigned and revamped with some cool mobile features that makes it super easy to book and get all the information you need. We’ve lowered the prices on weekday charters and also have added Thursdays and Sundays to the days we’ll be open. Our hours will be 11am until after the bars close 4 days a week and there’s a good chance you can get a ride other days during the week, but we’ll actually have captains on the boats waiting on these days. Charters will also be available during the week with prior reservations.

New Payment System

We changed our credit card processing back to using Square like we did a few years back since they came out with some new higher quality devices that are much quicker and will hopefully last longer around the water. They accept Apple and Android pay, and also the credit card chips. We love having you on our boats, but the quicker we can get you unloaded and into the bar the better!

New Captain

For captains this year we have captains Dave, Sean, and Lecie back and have added Captain Rick. Sean and Dave have been with Lake of the Ozarks Water Taxi since we started in 2013 and Lecie is back for her 3rd season. Rick is a lake veteran who has been boating here for 20+ years. Captain Steve, who has also been with us from the start, recently got a job at a hospital in St. Louis and is studying to get into medical school, but will occasionally be splitting time on dispatch with Captain Dave. I encourage anyone that loves boating and has a lot of time on the water to contact us if you’re interested in becoming part of the team and getting your captain’s license.

Lake Updates

A lot of bars around the lake have made some awesome updates for this season. The Boathouse at the 3 mile marker put in a larger pool with swim up bar. The old Momma’s in Lick Branch Cove at the 5.5 mile marker is now Bee’s Knees Beechhouse and looks like they did a great job redoing the place. Just when you thought Coconuts has done all the updates they could, they’ve redone the entire place, including a new pool (yes, again) and added a kiddie pool. There’s also a new bar at the 13 mile marker called Lake House 13. Backwater Jack’s has also joined the pool club this year. There might be some things we are missing, but summer of 2017 is sure to be one for the books!